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A free public service that monitors the Covid-19 virus in your local area.

Check your risk anytime or


Attention! Thank you for your support of this free public service. Since the Covid pandemic is better controlled today, we have stopped updating this website. If things change, we will reactivate it. Stay safe. Stay smart.


During this difficult time, staying safe and returning to normal life are both important goals.

Like containing a wildfire, an active awareness of your environment can help you manage these goals until this pandemic ends.

Covid Fire is a practical companion designed to keep you aware at the right time.

This is a free public service. No popups. No ads.

We hope it helps you protect yourself, your family, and those around you.


CHECK Your Area

View current virus activity in your area.

Check back often or subscribe for free, real-time alerts.


How It Works

Daily, we synthesize and analyze public Covid-19 datasets in the cloud. We then unbundle the physics' equation for momentum to compute speed, density, and risk scores for your area.

Learn more about our team, data sources, and techniques. Stay safe. Stay smart.


We monitor the virus daily so you don't have to.

Subscribe to receive free alerts when the virus appears strong in your area and your risk may be growing.

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