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Covid Fire was developed by two programmers and a physician that wanted to help.

Monitoring and analyzing the Covid-19 data on a regular basis can be difficult and time consuming. We wanted to make this easier for you by delivering insights when its needed most so you can adjust your caution and behavior to the moment.

Since families are directly impacted by the conditions in their own community, this is where we focused our efforts.

We hope this tool helps you and those around you stay safe.


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Marketing Intern




Process Advisor




Technical Advisor


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Design Intern




Marketing Advisor


Data, content, and horsepower for this service comes from the following sources.

This product uses the Census Bureau Data API but is not endorsed or certified by the Census Bureau.

Recommended activities on this site are largely based on this excellent resource. However, we have made adjustments according to other sites and sources.

This graphic is based on unpublished work by Dr. Mark A. Perazella, Yale University School of Medicine; Dr. Kenar D. Jhaveri, Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell; and Dr. Hassan Izzedine, Peupliers Private Hospital. It is also based on studies published in Academic Emergency Medicine (May 2020); Annals of Internal Medicine (May 2020); Blood (July 2020); British Journal of Dermatology (June 2020); Gastroenterology (April 2020); Hopkins Guides (July 2020); JAMA (Feb 2020); JAMA Cardiology (March 2020); JAMA Dermatology (June 2020); JAMA Neurology (April 2020 and July 2020); Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (July 2020); Journal of General Internal Medicine (May 2020); The Lancet (April and July 2020); Nature Medicine (April 2020); New England Journal of Medicine (February 2020); NEJM (June 2020); Ophthalmology (July 2020); Review of Optometry (May 2020); Stroke (July 2020); and reports and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the New York Health Department and the World Health Organization. Additional work by Josh Williams and Lalena Fisher.


Early each morning, we leverage Microsoft Azure's cloud computing platform to launch a small army of computers to synthesize and analyze the latest Covid-19 data. Our website connects to these results to deliver the experience you see here.

Thank you for the good looking charts used to display our drilldown plots.

Copyright © 2013, Olly Smith. All rights reserved.

Thank you for the cool gauge component used to display our risk scores.

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